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Image by Darren Richardson

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it smell?

Bathrooms, kitchens and spaces with windows are ideal.  However we do have ventilation systems for spaces without windows.  There will be a smell while the product is being applied, we do our best to contain and ventilate the area properly.  As your surface dries, any smell remaining will disapate within a few hours.

How long does it take?

While every job is different and comes with its own timeline and obstacles, we pride ourselves on efficiency and getting your project completed in a timely manner.  

-Sinks 1-3 Hours

-Single Bathtub 2-3 Hours

-Bathtub & Surround 3-4 Hours

-Full Bathroom Tile & Tub 5-7 Hours

When can I use it?

All surfaces are ready to use in 24 hours, we use the industry leader in tub & tile coating systems.  While many surfaces may be dry to the touch within an hour, it is very important to keep pets and children away from your newly coated surface for the full 24 hour cure period. 

What do I clean it with?

Bleach, Ajax, Comet and other abrasives cannot be used our your new surface. Foam cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, dish soap, showers sprays and organic cleaners are recommended. 

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